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The Healing WELL is a nonprofit organization that promotes wellness and healing, self-awareness, and generates community and connection in the Tenderloin. They offer this through movement practices, mindfulness and contemplative practices, creative arts expression and appreciation, and social support.  


My work included a flyer, posters, and an online map to promote the organization and attract others to join the classes they offer. The 8x11” flyer was created as a way to help promote the organization and attract others to join and visit the classes they offer. Using large images, a brief mission statement, and the classes they have, the 11x18” poster will be used to stand alongside their booth at events. The 18x24” poster is a Community Agreement that showcases their rules and guidelines. This will be used inside The Healing WELL for all members to see. My last project, an online map, was created so that the organization could take the information obtained from community discussions about where people go in the Tenderloin to have fun and showcase it on an interactive online map. Using Google Maps, this could be accessed and edited by the community of The Healing WELL.

During my time at The Healing WELL, I learned about the community of the Tenderloin and the purpose of the organization. It was an overall educational experience for me that showed me how important a safe community is for those who need healing and recovery, mentally and physically.

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